External Sems Internal Sems Split Sems Square Cone Sems Split Double Sems Split Double Sems (JIS Standard) Sems Screws Thumb Screws Thumb Screw Thumb Screw W/Shoulder Knurled Thumb Screw Knurled Thumb Scrw W/Shoulder Wing Screw Push Thumb Screw Thumb Screw Knob Retaining Rings Basic External Basic Internal E-Clip (External) C-Clip (Crescent Ring) Poodle Clip (External) Sprial Ring (2 turn Type) Push-On (Self-Locking) Standoff and Spacers Jack Screw Hex Standoff Female / Female Hex Standoff Male / Female Nylon Standoff Round Standoff Male / Female Round Standoff Female / Female Round Spacer We carry wide selec�on of Standoff and Spacers Factory Direct Pricing! Sems for Less! Pins Tapered Pin Clevis Pin Groove Pin Co�er Pin Hitch Pin (Hair Pin) Dowel Pin Spring Pin (Roll Pin) “Hard to Find” Pins found at Zal TM Your Premier Resource for Every Industrial Needs 6 323.262.0259 zalindustrial.com Fastener Catalog 2018.1