TM Thread Cutting / Thread Forming Screws Plas-Tite Alterna�ve Type 1 Type 23 Type 25 High-Low Type F Tap-Tite Alterna�ve Fastener Catalog 2018.1 5 323.262.0259 Anchors Nylon Hammer Drive Split Drive Expansion Pin Concrete Screw Hollow Wall Anchor Bolt Hammer Drive Wedge Anchor Kap Toggler Plas�c Toggler Plas�c Anchor T-Anchor Toggle Bolt Sleeve Anchor Se�ng Tools Drop-In Single-Expansion Double-Expansion Machine Screw Anchor Lead Wood Screw Anchor Lag Shields Distrubu�on of Powers, Simpson, Red Head, Ramset and more Rivets Ribbed Rivet Nut Large Flange Flat Head Solid Rivet Universal Head Solid Rivet Truss Head Solid Rivet Semi-Tubular Rivet Drive Rivet Ribbed Rivet Nut Small Flange Copper/Brass Blind Rivet Dome Head Blind Rivet Large Flange Blind Rivet Countersunk Blind Rivet Mul�-Grip Blind Rivet Closed End Blind Rivet Structural Blind Rivet Your “Best Price” source for Blind Rivets and Rivet Nuts