TM Fastener Catalog 2018.1 1 323.262.0259 Our Market Zal specializes in serving the B2B wholesale market for fastener hardware and industrial supplies. We are here to serve you through unique offering that includes: • Fasteners and Building Materials • Paints and Adhesives • Packaging Supplies • Tools and Accessories • Electrical and Plumbing Products • Electronic and Aerospace Components • Janitorial Supplies • Fire Protection and Safety Products • VMI Programs and Bin Stocking and More! Zal’s Challenge Distribution environment continues to evolve and change, but we see this as a challenge, a new business opportunity. We are actively investing in new technologies with a single goal in become the market leader of B2B wholesale for industrial supplies. We are your premier resource for every industrial needs. Our Sources Since 1983...Celebrating over 35 years in business in United States alone, we have long engaged business relationship with our suppliers. We are obligated to deliver the products and brands you need, at most competitive prices. Open Door Policy Even with established relationship, we do not limit..... We are in quest to find new and qualified suppliers from both domestic and global market. Our mission is to deliver what’s best of today’s market to you, at factory direct pricing. Best Value We focus on delivering best value to our customers. Our long trusted relationship along with volume, gives us the power to negotiate. We also focus on having a simple, low cost of operation by utilizing technology, thus forwarding further saving to our customers. One Stop Shop Our broad product offering enables us to be your true“One-Stop Shop”for all your hardware and industrial needs. Factory direct pricing“Delivered”right to your door steps. Service We clearly understand“service”is the what keeps us in business. Even in this technologically advance world, we promise to maintain human touch, easy contact. We listen and act, we own actions throughout the company, to best service our customers. E-Commerce “Don’t get lost in the Cloud!” E-Commerce is future of Zal. Our goal is to create the most user friendly platform to achieve ultimate convenience of on-line shopping. Coming soon! .....Initial launch expected mid 2018. Your Premier Resource for Every Industrial Needs